Our Clients

Insurance companies

Euro-Center has serviced its expatriate and travel insurance shareholder companies since 1971. Many companies in the wider ERGO has since joined our group, as well as a high number of third party insurance companies from all over the world. Our insurance clients list both global insurers, as well as smaller companies. Dependent on their specific requirements, we provide emergency assistance via our 24/7 assistance hubs and chosen language platforms, claims handling, specialized expatriate services and all our other services.

Assistance companies

Assistance companies with their own 24/7 call centers enjoy direct access to our 11 regional Euro-Centers that provide specialised know-how and local knowledge. Instead of working with multiple TPAs around the globe, they benefit from one seamless solution covering assistance and network in all countries and territories. Our assistance clients include global top five companies as well as smaller operations.

Corporate companies

Companies that decide to be self-insured, or to have some employees self-insured are provided full 24/7 medical assistance, local network, advise and evacuation solutions. Various security services and remote onsite medical personnel solutions may be chosen as add-ons.