Provision of services in Iran

Due to existing restrictionon any financial transaction to Iran, resulting from the sanctions imposed bythe USA, Euro-Center can no longer provide cashless services in Iran. Toprevent any breach of existing rules Euro-Center has put strict internalguidelines in place, expressly forbidding any financial transactions betweenany Euro-Center entity and any legal entity residing in Iran. This alsoincludes paying into individual’s Iranian bank accounts.

 Euro-Center’s clients(assistance companies and insurers) have policyholders in Iran. These clients’policies often do not exclude servicing policyholders in Iran. Euro-Center willtherefore not limit the service delivery to these policyholders in Iran.However, as a result of the existing sanction, the policyholders will beresponsible for settling invoices  from medical- and other providers themselves.Euro-Center can reimburse the policyholders for their medical expenses intotheir non-Iranian bank accounts. 

 Euro-Center has beeninvestigating various options of resolving this situation. Unfortunately thecurrent situation is rather complex and none of the intended solutions areconsidered possible and compliant.

Euro-Center will keepmonitoring the situation and will advise of any progress and changes.