Update on the fires around Athens, Greece

A massive effort was under way on Tuesday to extinguish thewildfires in Greece. The official death toll is at 74, but rescue workers havewarned that the number could rise as dozens of people remain unaccounted forand 11 are in intensive care in very critical condition.

Most of the fires were partially contained yesterdayafternoon, but Greek firefighters along with firefighters from other Europeancountries continued to curb a blaze nearby Rafina port and another in Kineta.There were also reports of a new smaller blaze in Aghioi Theodoroi. Currentlythe fires do however seem to be under control.

Coast guard vessels also set up mobile units patrolling thesea next to the seaside towns and rescued more than 700 people who had fled tobeaches or jumped in the sea to escape the spreading flames.

Municipal authorities have joined forces withnon-governmental organizations and volunteers to gather supplies for thehundreds who have been left homeless by the fires.

Health authorities have appealed for donations of blood tohelp the victims in hospitals across Attica.

We have still had no reports of any of our policyholdersbeing affected by the fires, but hospitals in the Athens area are currentlyunder a lot of strain due to the catastrophe and anyone needing medical care inthe public sector can expect long waiting time. The airport and the ports areworking normally although people flying in and out of Athens can expect slightdelays as there are many people flying in from other European countries to assistwith the aftermath of the fire.

Euro-Center Cyprus is monitoring the situation and will keepyou updated regarding any further developments.


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