Provider Network

Euro-Center holds one of the best provider networks worldwide, covering all countries and territories in the world. It is built on the skills and know-how of our local network management specialists.

The network is flexible, dynamic and geared at servicing customers with differing requirements.

Euro-Center’s advanced custom-made database lists over 45000 providers. To ensure quality control, all medical providers are classified according to strict medical and operational quality criteria, resulting in seamless cooperation, effective case management, cost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

We have classified and rated 4500 providers as “preferred” or “partner providers” according to criteria such as hygiene, specialties, financial transparency, cooperation, language capabilities and more.

Euro-Center is not affiliated with any medical providers and is therefore objective when choosing appropriate providers, based on quality and cost considerations. Site inspections are continuously undertaken, resulting in unparalleled insights and relationship.

Our system works; 80% of policyholders are naturally steered to our key providers worldwide. This ensures quality and cost benefits for clients and policyholders.