Vision and Mission

Euro-Center’s goal is to be the most reliable assistance company for travel insurance and health insurance companies. Our mission is: “to ensure the best possible outcome in every single case for the right price, worldwide”.

Euro-Center works every day to provide the best network, not only in terms of numbers, but more importantly, in terms of quality.

We wish to accomplish our mission by:

  • • providing high quality medical assistance, claims handling, network management, cost containment and corporate services, with strong digital components and at adequate pricing;
  • • constantly improving our product offering within both medical and corporate assistance services to meet the requirements in a constantly changing market;
  • • establishing and providing the best worldwide provider network, not only in terms of numbers, but more importantly: in terms of quality;
  • • developing technologies to support our operation in ways that optimizes the delivery of high-quality services as well as enhancing our provider and customer interaction.