Who we are

Euro-Center is one of the world’s leading medical assistance and claims handling companies, annually processing over   160 000 cases around the globe.

Euro-Center is a unique gateway to a comprehensive worldwide provider network, local know-how, assistance and cost containment for travel insurance, health insurance and corporate companies.

Since 1971, the key to our success is our excellent collaboration with local suppliers who acknowledge us as a credible partner, thanks to our medical teams’ professional dialogue with local doctors and hospitals. Euro-Centers benefit from this local reputation, which ensures low claims costs and a seamless service in terms of treatment and finance.

Euro-Center boasts four 24/7 medical assistance centers and eleven regional offices across the globe. This unique structure allows our customers to receive services worldwide, whilst only partnering with one entity.

Euro-Center provides emergency medical assistance, claims handling, quality assurance, cost containment and much more through our “One stop solution”.

With more than 45 years’ experience, Euro-Center handles all types of cases with the highest standard of service and commitment, and our multilingual teams are known to make the impossible possible.